OHS & Environmental Policy

With a sense of responsibility towards its employees, environment and society; Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy of our company which aims to fully meet customer expectations within the framework of our commitments and confirms that we are willing and determined to implement and continuously improve the principles specified in this policy.

·  To ensure and increase the satisfaction of our customers with our product quality, technical support and after-sales services,

·  Ensuring the participation of everyone in our continuous development with the conscious participation of our employees with high motivation and determination to succeed,

·  To continuously improve all processes related to Environment and Occupational Health and Safety that affect the success of our company and the quality of our products,

·  To increase the individual contributions of our employees through continuous training,

·  To work according to all local and international laws, regulations and standards which are related to Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues,

·  Taking precautions to minimize Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety risks, making working environments safe and protecting the health of our employees,

·  As a result of our activities, taking into account all aspects of our products' life cycle, reducing the generation of waste that may cause environmental pollution (air, water, soil) and ensuring their legal disposal,

·  To be a leading company in its sector in terms of technology and quality